Choosing the Right Font for Web Readability

ImageImageImageI’d like to continue on my theme of design in communications. Last semester I learned about the importance of fonts for readability of print and online content. This concept was reinforced again this semester in my Online Communications class. A good font choice can make or break web design. Fonts can make a huge difference in all communications for its in design and visual appeal. I would like to share with you a blog I posted last semester on the influence a font can have on design. So, without further ado, here is my post, although it is a bit revised for the purpose of this post!

Albert Son, a communication design student, created a whole brand around a font. He created a “hip and trendy hotel – inspired by the Helvetica font.” Son designed all of the critical elements of a hotel from Front Desk signage to the courtesy soap and every element in between all with the design elements of the Helvetica font in mind.

I think this design looks fabulous. Although it seems odd to me to choose a font first then build a whole brand around it, I think Song really nails it with his design. It is clean and crisp which makes it very appropriate for the Hospitality Industry. I would consider staying at this imaginary Hotel just based on the fresh feel of the font and subsequent matching elements. This design is a great example of the power of fonts.

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