The Importance of Good Design in Communication


Recently I had the challenge of designing a Strategic Online Communications Plan for an imaginary not-for-profit organization. It was an interesting task, and I learned a lot. The group was pretty great, and we got a large task done in a short amount of time. As part of the plan, we designed a website for the organization.


This got me thinking about effective design in communicating a message. Last semester, in a Visual Communications class, we discussed the importance of good design in print. These images of redesigned newspapers by Jacek Utko show the importance of visually appealing layouts. I think this also applies to the design of websites.



In a tedTalk delivered in Feb of 2009 Utko gave a presentation on his involvement with the successful redesign of several Eastern European newspapers. Inspired by the way the Cirque du Soleil took an old and unappealing art form and transformed it into a visual extravaganza, Utko set out to apply the principles of design to newspaper layouts. He wanted to make newspaper covers look like posters. He applied this principle to several Eastern European newspapers, and the results were encouraging for the industry. Readership increase was seen in every instance that Utko’s design was applied. The most impressive increase was in Bulgaria where they increased readership by 100%.

The designs by Utko are very clean, crisp, and obvious in its message. I think Utko’s designs are very effective, and his ideas could easily be transferred online to help better the content and readability of your website.

You can view the tedTalk here:

The images are sourced from here:






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