Here’s What a Healthy Relationship With Facebook Looks Like

Here’s What a Healthy Relationship With Facebook Looks Like


The way we communicate has changed significantly in last two decades. The Internet and various Social Media sites have profoundly influenced the way we communicate with one another. The influence has had both positive and negative consequences for people. I found this link to a great article about keeping your relationship with Facebook in the proper perspective in order to lead a healthy, balanced “real life”. I have included the link to the article, but here is what I thought were the top five rules people who have a healthy relationship with Facebook follow as stated in the article:

1. They don’t do a lot of stalking. A German study concluded that people who use Facebook to mainly “browse” experience a significant amount of emotional pain afterwards. Although the article did not state why, I suspect it has to do with the “measuring up” factor. When people browse and do not participate, it is probably because they want to peer into other people’s lives for comparison, which is never a good thing – Facebook, or not.

2. Less FOMO, more JOMO: I love this one! People who don’t let Facebook run their lives are less about the fear of missing out (FOMO) and more about the joy of missing out (JOMO). People who use JOMO as their motto do what they want to do and are happier because of it.

3. Facebook isn’t a reflection of real life. Again, great advice that not everyone understands. Of course we all portray our ideal selves online, and why shouldn’t we; however, those who have a healthy relationship with Social Media understands this and they do not let the idealized lives of people on Facebook affect them negatively.

4. They log off when they find themselves thinking negatively. Just walk away. Simple advice, but most of us do not follow it.

5. Sometimes a healthy relationship means no relationship at all. I know this sounds far-fetched with so many people using Facebook; however, the love relationship may be winding down as more and more people log off the love affair.

The lure of Social Media is exciting and sometimes hard to resist, and Social Media can play a very important role in our lives as a means of communicating; however, keeping all of our online communication in perspective is important to leading a healthy, balanced life that is both authentic and real.

Just saying.




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