The Art of the Tweet


Creating and maintaining an online presence and image requires careful attention and a whole lot of manners. At least that what New York Times columnist Henry Alford has discovered. In his article “Twitter, Can You Hear Me Now,” Alford suggests that there is a fine line between  online self-promotion via Social Media like Twitter and shameless self-promotion. While there is no exact answer as to how many self-promotional tweets it takes to cross the line into bragging or annoyance, it is clear that repetitive tweets and tweets that are obviously strategic are tweets that make the user lose his or her credibility.

A good tweet is all about the content. This shouldn’t surprise communications experts. Communication practitioners have always known the value of crafting a meaningful message, but it is a helpful reminder that even well-written tweets must have some sort of meaning for your audience. In the article, Alford quotes Charlene Li, founder of business consulting firm, Altimeter Group, as saying, “Your content has to be useful to people. If it doesn’t have value to your followers, then it’s seen as spam or self-promotion.” She adds that “people are gaming it a little bit they’re definitely gaming it.” There is no doubt that there is value to strategically crafted and planned tweets to build and improve on your online image; however, Alford maintains that practicing good manners in crafting and sending out your tweets will act as a guide to managing your online brand.

I thought this was a great article that had many useful tips for managing your online presence that I thought I should share it with you. So much of our Social Media is uncharted territory that any helpful information we can get to guide our online behaviour is well worth sharing. I hope you found this just a useful as I did!




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