#yeg Thrash Metal group breaks Gender Barrier

MortilleryCaraMcCutchenSinglePhoto_zps301966beIn a recent post, YEG Metal blogger Evan Davits shared a link to a video by Thrash Metal Band, Mortillery. Much to my surprise, the lead vocal is local singer, Cara McCutchen. The band also boasts a female guitarist. In my limited knowledge about any kind of Metal music – black, death, thrash, or otherwise – I thought that female lead vocals were far and few between. Apparently I was wrong. I investigated further and found an interview with McCutchen on Youtube. In the video the interviewer states that in the last ten years the amount of female metal vocalists has increased substantially but not so much in the thrash genre. The interviewer stated that McCutchen was one of only a few female thrash metal vocalists. He asked her what she thought of that, and her response was awesome. It is why I am blogging about the YEG Metal scene today. McCutchen had no response other than she had “never thought of it.” She never stopped to consider the fact that she was breaking gender barriers by being a lead vocal in a thrash metal band! This speaks volumes to the amount of progress that has been made in terms of equal representation for women in all areas of society. The fact that this never crossed her mind is evidence to the truth that women are no longer required to step back and consider the consequences of what they choose to do – they are just free to do it. A welder by day, McCutchen is obviously free to do what she wants in all aspects of her life. McCutchen’s choices exemplify the huge strides made toward expanding opportunities for women. However, what I think is the most important part of this is that McCutchen doesn’t even blink about it. Right on Cara, and here’s to YEG Metal!use2 Thanks Evan for the great post and providing inspiration for my mine!

What do you think? Is the “gender barrier” being broken down in our society today? And if so, what kind of opportunities has this opened up for young women looking to start on a new career path?



2 thoughts on “#yeg Thrash Metal group breaks Gender Barrier

  1. Evan Davits

    Right on! I’m honoured to have inspired you to write this post. But most of the credit should go to Cara herself. That’s such an amazing attitude for her to have.

    To answer your question: Yes, the gender barrier is being broken down in our society today, but there’ s still a long way to go. With the Winter Olympics grabbing most of the headlines right now, I would like to point out that this is the first year that woman have been allowed to compete in ski jumping. Honestly, I was shocked to learn this. Why were woman not allowed before? For their own safety? Ha!

    Thanks again, Joan!

    1. So true, Evan! Allowing women to compete in ski jumping is yet another step forward in breaking the gender barrier for two reasons. First, and most obvious is the fact that women have gained the right to compete in another category of an Olympic level sport. But, second, and probably more important, is the fact that the Olympics did not have women’s ski jumping as a sport because there were simply not enough women training and competing in the sport to make it a “viable” category. The onus was really on the women to bring enough competition and energy to the sport to make it competitive at an Olympics level – and they did which is amazing!

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